About Us

The Hawai‘i Intergenerational Network (HIN) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1995, with its 501 (c)(3) status from IRS.


Hawaiʻi Intergenerational Network (HIN) improves the lives of people of all ages by promoting and supporting intergenerational connections through advocacy, education and employment.


Hawai‘i is recognized as a global leader in intergenerational work and as a model of an intergenerational society.


1)  To establish a not-for-profit organization to promote better communication and understanding among all generations; 2) To promote programs and activities for children, youth adults and seniors that involve two or more generations working together for the benefit of all  age groups; 3) To provide assistance in intergenerational program development  by  offering  consulting  networks, written materials, training conferences resource directory of intergenerational programs and assist organizations in developing and implementing programs; and 4) To address the issues and concerns of the Hawaiʻi Intergenerational Network.

Our Team

Board Members

President:  Charles “Chuck” E. Larson, M.Ed.  Background:  Founder and Executive Director – Seagull Schools (Retired).

Vice President:  Mae Mendelson, Ph.D. Background:  Chaminade University of Honolulu, AARP Board Member.

Secretary:  Christy Nishita, Ph.D.  Background:  Gerontologist and Researcher, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Center on Aging.

Treasurer:  Laurie Baron.  Background:  Owner Nohea Galleries.

Director:  Matt Kaplan, Ph.D.  Background:  Professor – Intergenerational Programs and Aging, The Pennsylvania State University.

Director:  Suzanne Chun Oakland, B.A.  Background: Program Coordinator, Catholic Charities Hawai‘i Lanakila Multi Purpose Senior Center, Retired Hawai‘i State Representative and Senator.

Director:  John Heidel, Ph.D. Background:  Punahou School Chaplain (Retired), UCC Minister.


Martha Ross, MSW, ACSW – Homesharing Hawaiʻi Project Director and Administration services

Jayne Arasaki, M.Ed. Homesharing Hawaiʻi Project and Volunteer Coordinator services

Melody Heidel, Homesharing Hawaiʻi Website and Social Media Coordination services

Volunteers and Interns

Contact us if you are interested in volunteering with us. We are currently seeking volunteers to work with our Homesharing Hawaiʻi project. Visit homesharing.org for more information and an application.